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Driver support for the Mac from webcam vendors is patchy at best, but Webcam Settings gives you back full control.i Stat Menus is a great application to monitor and view all aspects of your Mac's performance and status. This week, Allison Sheridan takes us through two of her favourite utilities for the Mac: Webcam Settings & i Stat Menus.Webcam Settings allows you to control aspects of your webcam you never knew existed (depending on your model).We were using dropbox for people to upload videos to us, however the file sizes were unmanageable.

At the end of the trial period, there are 4 plans to choose from, depending on the features you’d like to use in your specific scenario and your expected video volume per month.You can embed more than 1 button in the same post and select from a range of upload targets that videos get submitted to.Our HTML5 camera is based on the Clipchamp video API, bringing modern video recording, client-side transcoding and uploading to Word Press in one package – no Flash, no Web RTC.It embeds a button on your Word Press-based website that your visitors can click to either 1) record videos and upload to you or 2) upload video files they already have on their device. Your users’ video files get compressed & converted on the client before they get uploaded to you.The plugin comes with a number of resolution (incl. As a result, you’ll get much smaller files in 1 standard format of your choice (MP4, Web M, FLV,…).

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