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-Quality Selection - Rewritten automatic quality selection so that highest resolution gets always picked.-Support - Ability to send a generic bug report right from the app.

-History - History window is now extended and includes icon previews.

-Browser Extensions Postprocessing - Browser extensions are updated and support sending links to Downie with a postprocessing intent. -HLS Subtitles Support - More weird letters, but trust us, it's a good thing.

-AAC Support - Option not to enforce MP3 with audio postprocessing.

• Added a more informative message when choosing File with Mobile Devices… • Updated the collection tab appearance and added a right-click option to the colour icon to show the collection colour context menu.

• Improved the internal handling of document icons in the binder.

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-User-Guided Extraction - The User-Guided Extraction has been much improved, highlights more probable downloads, displays details about proposed downloads and can hide the sidebar.

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