The breakfast club 105.1 online dating dating scammer florence jackson

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The breakfast club 105.1 online dating

Envy: Jay Z ladies and gentleman Jay Z: yessir Envy: Good morning sir! CTG: We were taking bets on how you were going to arrive. It was rumours that you got Charlamagne fired one time, just don't get him fired!

CTG: That was my Father Envy: He's a real Jay: Tased?!Cause I think every time you put out an album, ok this is my best album to date.And that was very honest of you to say that, but do you really believe that? Jay: I mean, only fourth place, fighting to that top 3 you gotta fight Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint and The Black Album. Jay: Reasonable Doubt, well yeah thats the first album I made, because that's the joint I took my whole life to make.I was like we can't have Jay sitting in this chair, but they said yo he is from Marcy, he sat on stoops back then! Like, I like it, but too much of that's not good for me AY: There's no way you could see everybody's questions either, so people were like Oh you didn't answer my question Jay: Yeah well I mean, it's impossible! Like some of the people you were answering I was like Oh I know who that person is! We were taking bets on that too Envy: We didn't think you knew Gee Spin too! Jay: I grew up, my pop, it's really my pop fault, you know CTG: He grew up here Jay: He grew up here, yeah.That era, those guys who wanted that whole cowboy lifestyle, all those guys was on coke you know (laughing) CTG: My pops was definitely on coke Jay: I got the whole thing penned!

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