Senki zesshou symphogear online dating

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Senki zesshou symphogear online dating

We see that he has finally made his decision, and made his first move as future ruler by formally declaring war against Lusitania, and also making a proclamation that Pars’ long-lived institution of slavery is over.

Seriously, this guy is so easy and idiotic, that he gives up a prime position of having the high ground, and sends all his fellow zealot soldiers to the slaughter, because of a single petty act of intimidation.Well, it looks like that while Arslan was away, the mice didn’t really play all that much.We come back to Ecbatana pretty much the same way we left it.The battle is pretty easily won by Hermes’ forces, with very little casualties on his end.Yet, it’s really what happens before and after this battle that’s got my interest.

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Yes, we get Prince Hermes point of view this week and it turns out that despite how he’s been portrayed so far, he and Arslan are actually not as different as one may think.

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