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We lived in a split-level ranch-style house, with two maple trees and a rose bush in the front yard, outside a town that could have been named Springfield. We had a Channel Master antenna that turned slowly on top of our house until it found and pulled from the sky electromagnetic waves for our nuclear family. For years these cities would mark the outside edges of the world as I knew it. It had taken her all afternoon to get the color just right. Daddy decided that cutting the grass should be my job. I decided that I didn’t want to do anything he said. We decided for everyone’s sanity that separate bedrooms is the way to go for the time being.

We lived in a four-room house at the edge of the country, at the foot of the mountains, outside a small town in North Carolina, but it could have been anywhere. Upstairs I heard Mama say, “Do you think he’s stupid? I tuned in Shelly had a crush on Bobby Brady; I had a crush on Jan. The Coyote held the Road Runner firmly by the neck.

Then, after a quick goodnight kiss, we retire to separate bedrooms for the night.

During the two weeks of my husband’s paternity leave, we discovered a couple of things: Baby J is loud at night, with all her little newborn grunting as she squirms around; and my insomniac husband cannot sleep through the noise.

Frumpiness and exhaustion do not equate with romance.

You know, it seems like moms are totally willing to dish on their kids: their bad behaviors, their aggravating habits, etc., etc.

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We overanalyze ourselves as parents, but we rarely speak candidly about our marriages.