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Bienville was appointed as royal governor of French Louisiana in 1701.

Mobile's Roman Catholic parish was established on July 20, 1703, by Jean-Baptiste de la Croix de Chevrières de Saint-Vallier, Bishop of Quebec.

Mobile is the principal municipality of the Mobile metropolitan area.

Jews had not been allowed to officially reside in colonial French Louisiana due to the Code Noir, a decree passed by France's King Louis XIV in 1685 that forbade the exercise of any religion other than Roman Catholicism, and ordered all Jews out of France's colonies.

Most of these colonial-era Jews in Mobile were merchants and traders from Sephardic Jewish communities in Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina; they added to the commercial development of Mobile.

This area was made a part of the expanded British West Florida colony.

The first permanent Jewish settlers came to Mobile in 1763 as a result of the new British rule and religious tolerance.

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