Los angeles transgender dating

Posted by / 08-Nov-2017 12:21

Many of Mostafa’s friends are deleting their profiles on cellphone dating apps and scrubbing their social media accounts, which police have long used to ensnare people suspected of being gay or transgender.

Some who were at last month’s concert have gone into hiding.

The pro-government musicians union announced it would no longer issue permits to foreign performers unless they obtain security clearance.“Perhaps certain officials are embarrassed that they didn’t catch this beforehand,” said Timothy E.

Both are being questioned by state security prosecutors who usually investigate terrorism cases.

Homosexuality is not specifically outlawed in Egypt, but authorities there have a history of using a 1961 law that prohibits “debauchery” to target the population.

Everyone I know is depressed and fearful.”It’s not the first time that the Egyptian authorities have gone after gay and transgender people.

In one particularly notorious case, 52 men were put on trial at once after a high-profile raid on Cairo’s Queen Boat nightclub in 2001.

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