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If you're interested, contact me : bestel (at) ifrance (dot) com john r 26/07/07 : i used your speed chart and checked it against many of the known sight marks that i have and it was accurate for all of them.

It swaps the Stat Trak value between two of the same weapon.[SERVER BROWSER]– Fixed the server browser showing the map workshop path in the “Map” column.– Added a sortable column to the server browser to display whether a server is running a map from the workshop or not.– Added a sortable column to the server broswer that displays icons for popular game mods running on that server.– Server browser will save the layout changes made between game sessions.– Updated the first time server browser pop up message.[UI]– Fixed scoreboard hiding at match end when you bring up a player’s Steam profile.– Added a game option in team options section to control whether lobbies get created with public access or private requiring invites for friends.– Added Flavor Text to the Bank collection.[MISC]– Add surround sound support (quad/5.1) on Linux.– Marked nav commands as a cheat to protect against potential server exploits.– Chicken kills are now logged in CS event logs on game servers including attacker and weapon information.– HE grenade detonations are now logged in CS event logs prior to logging player deaths from corresponding HE grenade explosion.– Added sv_reliableavatardata 2 game server setting for LAN tournaments production.bestel 17/07/07 : Hi Apostolos and congratulations, great job !I'd like to translate it in french in order to use it on my club website (it would display your translated page inside a frame). Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Well at this point, the guy realizes that you really like him, he has you, and he’s no longer worried that he could lose you to another guy.

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While running a server, use sv_voicecodec vaudio_celt to use the CELT voice codec, instead of the Speex codec which is used by default.– Added support for Phong on world materials.

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