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Central texas disability dating

This introduced him to the butchering and meat cutting trades. He also spent three seasons working in the wheat harvest in southern Alberta.During this time the family farm remained his home; until at the age of 25 he married Sylvia Nieveen, and they established a home of their own." Neil married Sylvia Nieveen on March 10, 1927.And he learned it quickly, not only because of native ability, but also the pressure of necessity." In September 1910, Neil and Henry became students at the newly-opened Lynden Christian School, where he graduated from Eighth Grade.[See The Slotemaker Story, included with this family history, for more information about the Lynden Christian School and the role it played in the lives of the Slotemaker family.] Henry describes Neil as "bold and aggressive," even as a child.But Dad looked through it, found the owners name and phone number, phoned him up and gave him our address.The owner came and picked it up, and Dad refused to take any money for giving it back to him." BACK TO THE LIST Sylvia Nieveen was born on December 16, 1904 in Platte, South Dakota, the fourth child of Melle and Aatje (Grommers) Nieveen.

During these years, Neil worked at a variety of jobs.He attended first and second grades at public school, where he learned to speak English.His brother Henry wrote in The Slotemaker Story, "Mother and Dad spoke only Dutch in [our] home until after their first son started school, and it was in school that he learned his first English.Neil Slotemaker was born January 10, 1902 at the family home "about a quarter of a mile south and west of the corner of Front Street and B. Avenue" in Lynden, Washington, the first child of Jan ("John") and Tetje ("Tillie") (Kramer) Slotemaker.In 1912, the family moved to a 100-acre farm three and a half miles east of Lynden on what is now the Hampton Road, where Neil spent the remainder of his growing up years.

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Persistent rumors of bootlegging activity during prohibition have been consistently denied by friends and family over the years, but the possibility appeals to some who find it within the range of his adventurous personality.